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Treating Acne With Barley

Many people who suffer from acne only look at the products on the shelf in their local drugstores, thinking that these methods are the only way to help cure and prevent acne. While many of these products do work, many users notice harsh side effects from using them. Few people realize that there are healthy alternative methods to helping clear up acne and prevent it from coming back. Barley in many different forms can be used by those who suffer from skin that breaks out frequently. It has many benefits for being used for acne, including being a less expensive treatment option than many facial washes, topical creams and gels or prescription acne medications.

Diet plays a very important role in helping keep acne under control. Some people may already know that drinking plenty of water and eating properly can help their skin look beautiful and glowing. They may not realize that there are specific foods that work even harder to control acne. Barley, a type of grain, is one of these foods. The Chinese have used pearl barley for many years as a method of keeping the skin clear. It has not only believed that making soup or tea from barley can help rid the skin of acne, but it has also been proven by those who have used it over time.

Barley works to clear dirt, oil and bacteria from the surface of the skin. Breakouts are caused when these things get into the pores, causing them to be clogged and pimples to arise on the skin. Since barley is removing these things from the skin naturally, a person will notice less breakouts, as well as skin that is not overly oily. This leads to the clear skin that a person is looking for, without having to pay a lot of money for expensive treatments and without having to put chemicals on their skin.

Barley tea is one of the most popular methods when using this grain to treat acne. Barley tea can be made at home, or it can be made much easier using barley tea bags. These can be purchased at many health food stores and online. Using tea bags, barley tea is made the same way as any other type of food. Many people who use this method do not find the taste to be too bad, and it can even be sweetened using sugar or artificial sweeteners for taste. A soup or broth can also be made out of barley and is just as effective as the tea. Those who wish to use barley as an acne treatment can experiment with different recipes and ways to consume barley that is best for them.

For those who do not like the taste of barley, health food stores carry supplements that can be taken orally. These barley grass supplements work in the same way as consuming barley tea or soup, but are easier to take each day. Powdered barley is also available at these stores, allowing them to be added to different types of foods or blended into a healthy smoothie which can be used as a body cleanse to help fight acne. Many people who introduce barley into their diet see a noticeable improvement in their acne after just a few weeks of use.

Many of the products that can be purchased in drug stores to be used to treat acne may work, but may cause side effects after extended use. Although a person’s acne may clear up, they may notice that their skin becomes redder, drier and more irritated after use. This is because many of the products available today contain harsh chemicals which treat acne, but may also cause damage to the skin. Those who are looking for a more natural alternative to these methods will be pleased with the results they get from adding barley into their diet. Skin will not only be clearer, but the side effects caused by other products will not occur, leaving them with clear and clean skin that looks fantastic.

If anyone suffering from acne has felt that they have exhausted all of their treatment options or are sick of spending so much money for products that may or may not work, looking at their diet is an option that they need to consider. Barley is just one thing that has been proven to work in the fight against acne, while remaining inexpensive and easy to use. Those who want an easy and natural way to get rid of their breakouts should try using barley to help them get the skin that they’ve always wanted.



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