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Differin Review

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Acne is a skin issue that no one wants; it commonly affects adolescents as they grow up, but acne can also affect many other people of varying ages, as well. Acne is caused by bacteria; it gets beneath a person’s skin and causes the skin to bump and become red. While some acne sufferers may only have periodic outbreaks with a few zits, others have extreme acne that is all over their face – or body – and looks more like a bad rash than acne. Acne sufferers are often embarrassed by their skin and wish they could do something to make their skin look healthy and acne free. Dermatologists often prescribe Differin to their patients with severe acne.

Differin is a topical cream that is used to treat acne by applying it to a person’s acne. The cream works its way inside a person’s pores to kill the bacteria that causes acne from beneath the skin. This topical cream comes in a gel and a lotion form. The difference is that the gel form of Differin is more suited to those who have more severe acne. The gel gets beneath acne that is already present in a person’s skin and dries and out kills the bacteria that is causing the acne, which clears up the skin. The lotion form of Differin will help with acne that is already present but is more commonly prescribed to those who have cleared up their acne and want to prevent more from occurring.

Differin is an Adapalene, which is a class of medications used to treat acne. Both forms of Differin contain Adapalene, purified water and sodium hydroxide. It also contains other ingredients, such as carbomer 940 and poloxamer 124. Each is used to treat acne by killing bacteria and flushing out pores. By applying the gel or lotion once a day – typically prior to bedtime – a person will find that their skin clears up and their acne begins to disappear. However, it should be noted that those with acne who use Differin to treat their skin usually see their acne become much worse before it gets better. This does not mean that it is not working; acne takes several weeks to show on a person’s face after it forms beneath the skin, which means that acne that is already formed will show before it is killed. The best results from Differin take approximately 8 to 12 weeks to appear. Doctors that prescribe Differin do not want their patients to stop using the medication prior to this time frame because increased acne is a common occurrence that does not indicate the medication is not working.

Differin should be used by patients after they have washed their faces with a mild cleanser. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners are not recommended for those who use Differin. When the skin is clean, patients are to apply their Differin gel or cream to their face over the infected areas of skin. At first, there may be a warm, tingling sensation; this is completely normal and should not be a cause for concern by anyone using Differin. Additionally, like any other medication on the market to treat any type of illness or disease, there are side effects associated with the use of Differin. Not everyone will experience the side effects that sometimes are known to be caused by Differin, but some will. Commonly, skin may turn red, it may itch and it may become very dry. It may also appear to turn scaly and users may feel their skin is burning or even stinging. All are common, but for those whose symptoms are unbearable should contact their doctor immediately.

Anyone that uses Differin is asked to keep sun exposure to a minimum and to always wear sunscreen on their faces. Harsh lamps, such as those used in tanning beds are also forbidden for those who are using Differin to clear up their acne. Very cold weather and sharp winds will also irritate the skin of a person that is using Differin. It is also recommended that patients who use Differin do not use wax to remove unwanted facial hair while they are using Differin. To ensure the best possible results, patients are required to inform their doctor of everything they use on their skin, from cleansers and soaps to lotion and makeup because the use of certain types of these things can irritate skin that is being treated with Differin. Differin does work, but it will take several weeks to see results.



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