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Top Ten Anti-Aging Foods

The following a list of the Top 10 best foods to fight aging!


Blueberries are considered to be one of the best anti-aging foods because they are full of flavonoids. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help us avoid damage to our bodies from aging. Some doctors recommend eating five servings of foods like blueberries and other berries that contain antioxidants to take advantage of their full potential anti-aging properties.


By eating just a clove of garlic every day, you can help protecting yourself against cancer and heart disease. Studies also show that garlic may reduce bad cholesterol levels. By reducing the risks for cancer, heart disease and high cholesterol, you are bound to live a longer and healthier life.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Some people describe cruciferous vegetables as super vegetables because of their abilities to provide a defense against toxins and even cancer. To get the best effects from cruciferous vegetables, eat them raw or lightly cooked so that their enzymes are intact. Chow down on cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, kale and other leafy greens to stay healthy at any age.


Eating nuts is an excellent way to provide your body with the healthy fats and nutrients like potassium, iron, selenium, copper and magnesium that help our digestive and immune systems function properly. Adding nuts to your salads, baking with them and even eating them as snacks will also improve the appearance and texture of your skin, and they may even help protect against cancer and high cholesterol.

Whole Grains

Choosing whole grain pastas, breads and cereals over the standard varieties increases your daily fiber. A diet that is high in fiber is an anti-aging diet because it helps maintain skin elasticity, and it protects against heart attacks, diabetes and cancer.


Soy has many anti-aging properties. The isoflavones found in soy help protect our bodies against heart disease, and they can lower cholesterol. Soy is a good source of protein, so it helps us keep our muscles strong and youthful. In addition, soy has hormones that mimic human estrogen, which is a common anti-aging treatment.


Eating beans is a great way to infuse your diet with antioxidants and healthy protein. Switching from meat to beans as your main source of protein will improve your heart’s and arteries’ health. Beans are also full of fiber, and thus have many of the same anti-aging benefits as whole grains.

Red Wine

Red wine, when consumed in moderation, can help protect your body from age-related illnesses because it contains resveratrol. A glass or two a day will do your body good, but it can be harmful if you drink more than that.


The good news is that chocolate is one of the top anti-aging foods. You can provide your body with powerful flavonoids by eating a small square or two of dark chocolate each day. Consuming small amounts of dark chocolate can also reduce your blood pressure and keep your LDL cholesterol low. Dark chocolate has also been shown to improve brain function and memory by enhancing blood flow to the brain.


Drinking eight glasses of water or more each day helps us flush out the toxins and other waste materials from our bodies to keep us healthy as we age.



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